What is Decoring hammer?

More energy efficient and efficient

A cost-effective pneumatic core removal tool.

Decoring work for cast aluminum,cast steel,and other castings where internal sand core removal is difficult or sand core remains

  • The vibration frequency is about 2-3%high(refer to the market with the same model)
  • The vibration frequency is higher,the sand cleaning and core removal effect is better.
  • Shorter vibrating cycle and efficient productivity
  • Simple structure,high reliability and long service life
  • Provide spare parts replacement service for all parts of the Decoring hammer
  • The 70plus series of Decoring hammers are identical in size to the same model of the similar products in France and Italy,and can be completely replaced by interchange
  • Personalized custom-made larger or smaller Decoring hammer that provides an increase or decrease
  • The installation parts are freely customizable and the installation range is more flexible.

Same size as similar products
in France and Italy, easy to install


Types of Decoring hammer

Higher frequency,clear sand and de-coring is better

Depending on the customer's request,we can offer Decoring hammer made of different performance parameter,in various grades of Vibration frequency,depending on the application.

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*Recommended maximum air pressure 6bar

*Recommended to use the Mobil Aimeur 525 ISO VG 46 as the recommended lubricant

*Please be sure to clean when installing the pneumatic hammer.Remember not to bring dirt from the air hammer inlet into the hammer.

Principle of Decoring hammer

Design Science Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

The compressed air is used as the power source,and the air source switch is turned on,and the internal inner shaft tube assembly of the Decoring hammer is pushed out by the compressed air pressure until the front end hammer head presses the workpiece to be removed;

The switching of the position of the airflow reversing plug in the inner shaft tube assembly guides the airflow to make the piston rod perform periodic high frequency reciprocating impact on the hammer head,and the high frequency impact force generated by the piston rod is transmitted to the workpiece through the hammer head and then transmitted to the sand inside the workpiece.The core functions to separate the sand core,the sand core and the workpiece,thereby achieving the purpose of efficiently removing the sand core.

Parts list of Decoring hammer

Simple structure and high reliability

Decoring hammer must be lubricated regularly with lubricating oil.

We recommend lubrication with Mobil Amour 525 ISO VG 46.Each Decoring hammer needs to be lubricated separately(20-30 seconds for one cycle,one drop every 3-4 seconds).

If you have not used the Decoring hammer for a long time,you must use a degreaser to clean the inside of it.

After 510 hours of operation,Decoring hammer is recommended to inject the degreaser(recommended grade:Zep Dyna143)from the air inlet without removing the Decoring hammer from the core remover.


In order to ensure that multiple Decoring hammers on a single device can work properly,each Decoring hammer needs to use the same diameter and length of the pipeline.

It is forbidden to use Decoring hammer without hammer and casting!

It is forbidden to use a pneumatic hammer without the workpiece that needs to be removed.

No Maintenance identifier Name Amount Notes
0   70plus Decoring hammer 1  
1 Hammerhead 1  
2 Buffer washer 1  
3 Sealing screw 8  
4 Spring washer 8  
5 End cap 1  
6 # Dust washer 1  
7 Machine Screw Nut 2  
8 Spring washer 4  
9 * Support ring 1  
10 Protective case 1  
11 Protective sleeve bolt 2  
12 / Return spring 1  
13 * Inner shaft tube part 1  
13-1 * Inner shaft tube 1  
13-2 * Piston rod 1  
13-3 * Diversion sleeve 1  
13-4 * Locating pin 2  
13-5 * Airflow reversing plug 1  
13-6 * Sealing cap 1  
13-7 # Sealing cap washer 1  
13-8 * Protective sleeve bolt seat 1  
13-9 * Piston seal 1  
13-10 / Buffer spring 1  
14 Exhaust port connector 2  
15 Double exhaust port 1  
16 Air inlet connector 1  


When working for 300 hours or more,the Decoring hammer should be protected,inspected,cleaned,and the degreaser injected from the inlet.You do not need to remove the Decoring hammer from the core remover.


The service life depends on the working environment conditions,such as the temperature of the struck casting.

/The Needs to be replaced after 1550 hours of hammering time,but if the distance between the hammer and the casting(ie the strike distance)is not within the specified distance,such parts need to be replaced after 1020 hours of hammering time.

*The In order to prevent and maintain the Decoring hammer(after hammering for 510 hours or a little longer),these parts need to be repaired or replaced.

#The These parts are recommended for replacement each time maintenance is performed.

Safety and maintenance Decoring hammer

Provide spare parts replacement for all parts of the Decoring hammer


All parts must be our products.Using parts from other sources will reduce the safety of use and ensure the safety of Decoring hammer.

The company is not responsible for products that do not use the original spare parts.


After the Decoring hammer is disintegrated,complete the following steps:

Check the condition of each part,clean them or replace them.Reassemble the Decoring hammer step by step according to the reorganization steps.After reorganization,the Decoring hammer must be lubricated with Mobil Intermediate Lubricants.

Safety Guide:

Follow the instructions for use.

When the Decoring hammer is not working properly,cut off the air supply.

When the noise of the Decoring hammer exceeds 85DB,measures to block noise(ear headphones,etc.)are required.

Air supply:

To prevent damage,contamination,or rust in the Decoring hammer,use an air handling unit to ensure that the air supplied to the Decoring hammer is dry and clean.

The required accessories,lines,and pipes must be of appropriate size,consistent with the required air pressure,intake air volume,air output,and volume to avoid the pipe being too narrow(inappropriate use of the air pipe),resulting in insufficient air supply.

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